In January 2019, we interact with our faculties, head of the departments and principles of our college. we gave a presentation on that day. it was the first meeting and first presentation of our nightout team. we got good suggestions and advice's from our professors & faculities. They encourage us more on this. After this we interact with students we get good feedback.

           Then we started shootings in diploma and B. tech. we completed 500 videos in 2 months. On 25th march we applied to APIS. within 48 hours (27th march). APIS recognized and certified to this startup. 

             on 10th June we have gave our interaction (1st audition). we got avradeep saha ( general manager of APIS) as a mentor to us. On 21th June we opened office at rajamahendravaram. we started our own studio for capturing videos.

                          IT IS  NOT ONLY AN EDUCATIONAL APP

                           IT IS A REVOLUTIONARY APP.

                            ONE APP.

                             ONE PHONE.

                               ONE VIDEO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

                                                       In the process of our academics. we got an idea on startup called NIGHTOUT. On 15th Nov, we started survey on this we met the students of polytechnics, BBM, Pharmacy &  B.tech. On this survey we get a positive response and more encouragement.

                                       Then we decided to start the NIGHTOUT on 17th December. On the project of Nightout we form into a team of five members on 30th DEC. we complete our app prototype in 2 weeks.

Gmail: nightout2k19@gmail.com     ph: 8555052027

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